Olde Time Candy & Bulk Foods

A sweet collection of sugar-free and regular candy, including a variety of nuts, fudge, snack, and numerous bulk food items are among a few of the surprises waiting to be discovered!

Our Ingredients

A Few of Our Fan Favorites

Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels Candy

Chocolate Mini Pretzels

Peanut Cluster Candy

Peanut Clusters

Filled Chocolates

Filled Chocolates

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Why Choose Us


Best Recipe​

Being a family-owned candy shop, our recipes have been perfected through the years.


Homemade Goods​

Hand crafted goods are our specialty. Each treat


Premier Dutch Chocolate

Taste our rich and smooth fresh Dutch chocolate. It's a decadent treat that you're sure to love!


Fresh Sweets

All of our sweets are made fresh right here in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Exquisite Taste

With a taste that’s sure to leave you wanting more, our candies are packed with fresh ingredients and handmade with love. 

For over 3 decades, the Petersheim family has made candy that brings joy and delight to their customers' faces. Through the years, they have perfected their recipes creating a wide array of deliciously sweet treats for you to enjoy!

More Than Just Candy

Check Out Our
Bulk Foods

From honey and jams to canned fruits and veggies, we carry a large variety of bulk foods. Check us out inside the Pennsylvania Dutch Market in Hagerstown, MD!

Bulk Foods

Sweet Traditions

Meet The Family

Olde Time Candy  has become a great family business, brought us lots of joy and helped us to understand how to meet people’s needs. We look forward to serving our customers for many more years.

The Petersheim Family

We make our own fudge, all hand-dipped apples, chocolate-covered bacon, potato candy, buckeyes, rock candy, clear toy candy, the list goes on and on. We also buy in a lot of products and repackage them into smaller containers for our customers.

Chocolate covered bacon

Try Our Favorites!

Chocolate Covered Bacon!